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1. Excalibur
Legendary sword associated with the stories of King Arthur and Merlin.

As part of a Children's ITV (CITV) competition, the letters of Excalibur appeared one by one in different rooms, in reverse order, during Episode 7 of Knightmare Series 3.
 [Related Image] In another Series 3 episode, the rising of a sword (see: spectral weaponry) from the waters in the Water Room evoked Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake.

In the final episode of Series 3, Hordriss summoned a similar sword to deter goblins using an incantation that sounded like "Excalibur's behest!"

Another nod to the Excalibur legends came when Team 6 of Series 7 removed the Sword of Freedom, their quest object, from a stone.

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