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1. Dreadnought
Literally, a dreader of nought - one who fears nothing. According to the Series 6 end credits, the armoured password gatherer used by Lord Fear was not a Dreadnought, but the 'Dreadnort'. It is unknown why this spelling was chosen: maybe it grew out of a desire to play down anachronistic reminiscence of dreadnought battleships, in favour of a hint of originality; perhaps it was an in-joke formed by amalgamation of 'Dreadnought' with the surname of the actor who provided the voice, Clifford Norgate; or, like 'Smirkenoff', it could have been a mistake (it's worth noting at this point that reference was made in The Quest to 'Dreadnoughts' by Knightmare creator Tim Child). In any case, due to the ambiguity of the matter, the original and conventional spelling of 'Dreadnought' has been used interchangeably with 'Dreadnort' by and others.

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2. Dreadnought
See Dreadnaught.

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