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Not a Father Ted reference.
 [Related Image] DRINK was a spell donated by Motley to Team 2 of Series 3. When it was cast in the Water Room, the water drained away, revealing an exit through which Cliff the dungeoneer was able to crawl.

The casting of the DRINK spell can be seen in this clip on the ITV Children's Classics channel on YouTube.

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Other than potions, drinks that were seen or mentioned on Knightmare include water, milk, ale, "dungeon juice" (an intoxicating beverage) and tea.

Characters seen drinking on Knightmare included Mildread, Brother Mace, Gwendoline, Julius Scaramonger and Sylvester Hands.

Poison was safe to drink, but only if treated with an OPPOSITE spell beforehand.

See also: coffee, alcohol

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