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DISMISS is the spell that was cast more times than any other throughout Knightmare.
 [Related Image] "Spellcasting: D-I-S..M...I...S...S..." became something of a catchphrase for Treguard, who delivered it with an inimitable blend of pity, ruthlessness and relish every time. As a rule, he spellcast DISMISS on every losing team in Series 1-Series 5. Unlike most other spells, the letters of DISMISS never appeared on screen, and only in Series 1 and 2 was there any incidental music after the casting of the spell; the advisors simply faded from their seats in the antechamber, and joined their dungeoneer outside Knightmare Castle for their goodbye wave and departure. Thus had the team been dismissed.

On occasions when Treguard did not use DISMISS, one or more of the spells UNITE, HEROES, RETURN and HOME got used instead. Please consult those entries for further information.

In Series 6, having spellcast DISMISS about 39 times, Treguard began making use of a magical mace (sometimes known as the Staff of Light) to dismiss teams instead. This continued throughout Series 6 and 7. In Series 8, outgoing teams left non-magically on foot. Treguard used DISMISS once more during the 2013 YouTube Geek Week episode of Knightmare.

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Two members of the Knightmare Discussion Forum have chosen usernames paying tribute to Treguard's famous spell, although he spellcast it far more times than they have ever posted. D I S M I S S joined the forum in March of 2003, and made a single post; D.I.S.M.I.S.S. joined two years later, and has made just two posts to date.

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