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1. Cup
Knightmare quest object. Also known as the Chalice or the Cup that Heals. Unlike the Sword, Shield, Crown, Maid and Talisman, no Cup quest was ever won by a Knightmare team.

Though not a quest object in Series 1, Team 6 of Series 1 found the symbol of a cup (or grail) at various doorways, indicating the correct path to take. (See: NILREM)
 [Related Image] Team 7 of Series 2 were the first team to be given the choice of questing for the Cup (they chose the Sword instead). Team 6 of Series 6 was the last team given this choice. Like all Series 6 teams, the Hall of Choice offered them all four "classic" quest obejcts but they went for something other than the Cup.

In total, 14 teams quested for the Cup. While there were no winners among them, 50% reached Level 3: a higher percentage than for Sword, Shield or Crown quests.
 [Related Image] Team 3 of Series 2
Team 8 of Series 2
Team 13 of Series 2
Team 4 of Series 3
Team 9 of Series 3
Team 11 of Series 3
Team 1 of Series 4
Team 8 of Series 4
Team 1 of Series 5
Team 2 of Series 5
Team 6 of Series 5
Team 1 of Series 7
Team 5 of Series 7
Team 3 of Series 8

In Series 3, fragments of the Chalice were seen and collected as dungeoneers Leo (Team 4) and Martin (Team 11) proceeded. Both reached as far as the stained glass window room, seemingly close to the end of the quest, but were in losing status due to wrongly answering a single question earlier in Level 3.
 [Related Image] A cup (metal tankard with a lid) appeared as a clue object in the quest of Team 2 of Series 2.

See also: tea, coffee, Knightmare Convention, Never Gonna Win the Cup

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