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1. Cowslip
A plant with yellow flowers, common to British meadows, and a member of the primrose family. Its botanical Latin name is Primula veris.

Team 8 of Series 4 encountered Mellisandre reciting a rhyme about flowers. She mentioned cowslips.

During the quest of Team 3 of Series 5, on the first of many occasions when Pickle voiced his dislike of his elfin cousin Elita, he described her as a "rude little cow" before quickly adding "...slip", attempting to play down his invective in front of his master, Treguard. Pickle need not have worried, though: the cowslip's name is derived from the Old English cu-slyppe, which means cow dung, guaranteeing that Elita was suitably denigrated in the end.

If Pickle had been American, and Knightmare post-watershed, then this Lexicon entry might have been about the foxglove.

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