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1. Casper
From TES issue 35 (September 2005)

Series 1/2. Level 2.

Despite his infrequent and unvaried appearances on Knightmare, Casper (the talking key) seems to be remembered very fondly by many fans, including myself. This is quite strange, really, when you think that all there was to Casper was a clue object prop and the voice of Lawrence Werber, sounding much higher than that of Cedric. Casper was a very endearing character, who always wanted to help and support the dungeoneers he encountered all he could. His high tones of encouragement – and sometimes criticism – really epitomise level two in series 1, and I think this is why Casper has a longer shelf-life than one might expect.

Casper was simply an old iron key that belonged to Merlin, but he had been magically given a voice so that Merlin could keep track of where he was: ”Merlin made me like this because he kept losing me.” – Casper. Inevitably in the first series, any dungeoneer arriving in the level two clue room could expect to meet Casper, pick him up, use him to unlock a door (typically in the Moving Keyhole challenge) and then deliver him safely back to Merlin. This was accomplished by the three dungeoneers who reached level two in series 1, Simon, Danny and Richard. They all found that, as well as picking up a key, they had picked up a friend who would try to help them out in times of trouble.

Once Casper had been returned to Merlin, he would often continue trying to help the team by giving them clues for riddle answers: ”Hey, Richard, think of something that’s used in a game!” – Casper. He would always wish the dungeoneer luck before they left Merlin’s room as well, nicely rounding off his brief period of help and support for the quest. Merlin, of course, found Casper’s chattering somewhat annoying after a while: ”I’m beginning to regret that particular experiment; it was a lot more peaceful just losing things.” – Merlin.

Casper was as good an escort for the quest as any other character to follow (even though he couldn’t protect the dungeoneers from goblins or fight off pookas) because of his cheerful, friendly, helpful disposition. Having an unconditional ally of any kind – even a talking key – is quite a rare occurrence in the dark depths of the Dungeon, and should be cherished accordingly.

In series 2, Casper completely disappeared until the final two episodes, which was clearly an oversight by the production team. During his brief appearance with Steven, he landed the dungeoneer in hot water with a very drunken Gumboil, which was a bit less helpful than his previous efforts. In addition to this, Casper did not unlock one single door in series 2! He should therefore be remembered, I feel, for his glory days in series 1, being the best friend a dungeoneer could ever have!

Fear Factor: 2 He occasionally lapsed into Cedric-like insults.
Killer Instinct: 0 No way he could even have tried, really.
Humour Rating: 8 Usually game for a laugh.
Oscar Standard: 9 As good a performance as a talking key as ever there was.

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2. Casper
Among Discussion Forum users, Casper the Key would seem to be one of the least cherished Knightmare characters. It was perhaps a surprise, then, when a new user, Mark White, picked Casper Key as his display name in June 2004. By the time his posting activity ceased after 3 months and 135 posts, he had altered his display name to Raven. He worked on a fan project called The Raven's Labyrinth, but it was seemingly not completed.

See also: Golgarach.

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