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1. Brangwen
 [Related Image] A clue room guardian who appeared in Knightmare Series 3, on the wall that Igneous had occupied in the previous series. Brangwen would appear in one of the Level 1 clue rooms after a dungeoneer had taken food from the table, and ask three questions or riddles. The number of truths Brangwen received dictated how much information she divulged about the quest, clue objects, steps needed for Merlin's chamber, et al. (Team 8 of Series 3 only gave one correct answer, and were told simply: "Your quest is for the Crown... all other knowledge is denied.") In total, Brangwen sought 18 truths, and was given 12.

Helpful as it is to categorise Brangwen as a wall monster, there are hints that she is not. Treguard greeted her first appearance (in Quest 2) by stating that "all those who live within walls are not always wall monsters." Plus, there is evidence provided in the way that Brangwen describes herself:

While it was long thought that the character's reference to herself was "the Brangwen She" (an allusion to gender), it is more likely to be "Brangwen Shee". The term Shee was mentioned by Tim Child in an issue of The Quest, and broadly describes a faerie race of Gaelic folklore that includes banshees.

Brangwen appeared in all 6 even-numbered quests of Series 3, alternating with Golgarach. Her name has its roots in Welsh mythology. She was played by Natasha Pope, who also played Velda and Morghanna.

The image of Brangwen was also used in Series 1 (1991) of El Rescate Del Talismán, Spain's version of Knightmare. Vocally, the character sounded distinctly less Welsh. I call her Spangwen.

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2. Brangwen
One of the few Knightmare Discussion Forum members to take her username from a female Knightmare character. Real name Melissa, Brangwen joined in July 2003 and posted on subjects that included the Corridor of Blades ('the main reason I even remember Knightmare from my childhood years'), Owen's 'dragon magic ('I just think it would be a similar spell to FIRE and they'd have to use it to attack Morganna [sic] before she got the chance to attack them'), and dreaming about Knightmare ('It was Leo's quest in series 3. They got to Merlins chamber like normal but failed to answer both of his questions and didn't get any magic. They got to the room where Hordriss was. Since they didn't have any magic they couldn't attack him, so one of the Advisors came up with an idea, he ordered Leo to run up to Horsriss [sic] and knock him off the causeway....and Leo did. Treguards look after that was priceless'). Many of Brangwen's posts referred to a Knightmare fanfic she was planning, but it seems a completed form was never shared.

By the time she ceased posting in December 2003, Brangwen had notched up 178 posts. She also posted a little on the Knightmare Back-Up Forum.

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