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1. Blocker
Appearing in Series 5 & Series 6, Blockers were a less intelligent version of the Wall Monster, the latter required answers to questions and in turn provided information, whereas the blocker simply needed a password. The password was obtained from other characters or possibly in a Spyglass sequence, or even by bartering. There were normally two in a quest, one between levels 1 & 2 and a second between levels 2 & 3. There was only ever 1 death caused by a blocker, in this instance the blocker surged forward and literally swallowed the Dungeoneer, if the password was correctly given the blocker would appear to be sucked backwards off the screen. Below is a picture of a blocker
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2. Blocker
From TES issue 13 (January 2002)

Series 5/6. Level 1/2.
 [Related Image] These creatures were disguised as huge walls of grey bricks. When a dungeoneer entered a blocker's chamber, the wall would grate forwards and form a large and threatening face across the path. Blockers only ever said one word: "Password!" Passwords were essential for escaping levels one and two in series 5 and 6, and the team should have learned the current password as part of their task on the level, either from a character, scroll or spyglass. If the dungeoneer ventured the correct password, the bricks of the wall would shoot off, leaving the pathway clear. Despite the fact that many advisors were noticeably rattled by the huge face before their dungeoneer, most teams were able to get past. Only once did we get to see what happened if the dungeoneer did not have the password, and it was a truly stunning piece of computer wizardry.
Series 5's Chris III had got himself into a right mess in level two, having bought a spell from Julius Scaramonger that had turned him into a goblin. He had also failed to take Motley's folderol from the clue table, which ultimately meant that he was denied the password. When the level two blocker grated forward and demanded the password, the Chris-goblin had nothing to give him but the causeway code: red, blue, green and grey. In answer to this, the blocker shot forward and filled the entire screen, while Chris was whisked off his feet and sucked into the blocker's mouth. It was a fitting end to a totally messed-up quest.
 [Related Image] Fear Factor: 8 Injected a lot of panic.
Killer Instinct: 6 A pleasure to see Chris being swallowed.
Humanity: 2 Human facial features.
Gore Factor: 1 Not really aesthetically unpleasant.

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