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1. silver
A precious metal, used to make such things as coins, jewellery and tableware. Silver was used as currency in Knightmare, starting in Series 2 and appearing only a third as often as gold. It would take the form of either a bullion bar or a bag of coins (each was seen an equal number of times), with the latter introduced in Series 5.

The following teams came across silver as a clue object:
 [Related Image] < Team 5 of Series 2. Correctly took a bar of silver from the Level 1 clue room, but never found any use for it. The advisors thought it was a snuff box.

Team 7 of Series 3. Fatally chose a bar of silver (initially mistaken for gold) instead of a crayon in the Level 1 clue room. A last-minute thought of bribery couldn't prevent Grimwold from ending their quest.

Team 1 of Series 4. Picked up a bar of silver in Level 2, and used it to pay the Dunswater boatman (who wanted both silver and gold on this occasion).

Team 3 of Series 4. Also found a bar of silver in the Level 2 clue room, but died before reaching the boatman.
 [Related Image] > Team 6 of Series 4. Mellisandre wanted silver in exchange for her services, but as they had none, she settled for an exchange of information. A bar of silver found in Oakley's glen was rightly dismissed as "just greed", but they later picked one up in Ariadne’s lair to pay their way across the Dunswater. Treguard wondered how the boat could stay afloat with so much silver on board.

Team 2 of Series 5. Used a bag of silver to buy fresh spring flowers for Pixel in Level 1.
 [Related Image] < Team 3 of Series 5. A bag of silver from the clue table was used to pay Smirkenorff for a flight to Level 2. Elita remarked that she didn't care for it much herself, but "dragons never seem to get enough".

Team 4 of Series 5. Offered Julius Scaramonger a silver purse in Level 1, jogging his memory about a green gem he had for sale.

Team 7 of Series 5. Also paid Julius Scaramonger with a bag of silver, this time for a CHANGE spell in Level 2.

Team 8 of Series 5. Lord Fear was furious when Julius sold them a key for a bag of silver at his market stall in Wolfenden.
 [Related Image] > Team 9 of Series 5. Picked up a bag of silver in Level 1 and foolishly swapped it for a goblin horn from Sylvester Hands.

Team 3 of Series 6. Ah Wok gave them a bar of silver and a password in exchange for a bar of gold. Smirkenorff called Alan a cheapskate for offering this as his fare.

Team 4 of Series 6. Left a bag of silver on the Level 2 clue table.

Team 5 of Series 6. Found bars of silver and gold in the Level 1 clue room, with a scroll reading "Gold to the East, Silver to the West". This may have been a hint to take both, but they only took the gold (needed to pay Ah Wok) along with a horn that proved useless. The silver was perhaps intended for Smirkenorff, who inexplicably provided them with a free flight.
 [Related Image] < Team 6 of Series 6. Possibly got away with an incorrect choice of their own, when they selected a purse of silver from their Level 1 clue objects. They left it for Julius Scaramonger as payment for a dragon caller, which wasn't strictly necessary as they had already used a ring of power to scare him away. While navigating a dark dwarf tunnel, Treguard implied that they should have taken the lantern.

Team 7 of Series 6. In the Level 1 supply chamber, rejected a bar of silver in favour of gold.
 [Related Image] > Team 2 of Series 7. Unwisely chose a silver purse instead of Nightsight in Level 2. Rothberry would only accept gold as payment, calling the silver "a very sort of common metal" that was "absolutely useless to me". Their error in the clue room ultimately proved fatal.

Team 4 of Series 7. A bag of silver in Level 1 was accompanied by a scroll saying "Use this to buy time". On this occasion Rothberry was happy to take the silver (presumably as they weren't carrying any gold) and sold them a True Seeing potion and a spyglass.

Team 2 of Series 8. Rejected what appeared to be a bar of silver (described by the dungeoneer as gold) in the Level 1 clue room.
 [Related Image] The silver spurs of squiredom were the original reward for mastering the dungeon. They were also part of a riddle posed by wall monster Igneous: "A squire's spur is silver, but what substance is a knight's spur made of?"

Malice asked Team 7 of Series 4 to locate a silver chalice, apparently needed for her rituals. They died before this pact could be fulfilled.

Julius Scaramonger once offered a dungeoneer three pieces of silver in exchange for handing over the Eyeshield and effectively forfeiting their quest. It is probably no coincidence that his name resembles that of the traitorous Judas Iscariot, who famously betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. In the following series, "Honest" Julius made the same offer for a ring of power sought by the Opposition.

In Series 8, Lord Fear stated that "a few bits of silver" were all a man needed to get himself a Bimboid.

Snapper-Jack mentioned the werewolf's supposed vulnerability to silver in one of his riddles.

Silver items appear in the following Knightmare gamebooks:
- Can You Beat The Challenge. A silver ingot from the Level 1 clue room is needed to bribe Lillith.
- The Labyrinths of Fear. A silver coin bearing the Elf-King's head and an oak tree is found on the floor of a pantry, but seems to have no purpose in the quest.
- Fortress of Assassins. An elderly woman gifts the player a silver "ring of luck" (actually more of a bracelet) if they can solve a riddle; it guarantees success in a die roll. A polished silver door handle may be kept after coming off in the player's hand. Elfin knight Sir Aspen's silver spear may be taken from him, if he doesn't impale you on it first. A deadly wight can only be harmed by magic or solid silver.
- The Future King. A pouch of silver coins may be stolen from a camp of phantom gipsies. A con artist claims he needs a silver chain with which to bind a leprechaun; if the player cheats by pretending to have one, they automatically fail the quest.
- Lord Fear’s Domain. Greystagg gives the protagonists an enchanted silver bell to help them defeat a trio of witches. Reminiscent of Skarkill and the "magic horn", they tell them it grants a wish if rung three times, when in fact it causes the sun to rise immediately.

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