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1. scroll
In Knightmare's earlier series, teams were able to get 'in-game' hints from clue room guardians (mainly wall monsters), oracles and Merlin. In Series 5, scrolls were introduced to serve this purpose.
 [Related Image] Typically, a team would find one alongside each set of clue objects and the scroll would give a cryptic (or not so cryptic) hint as to which object(s) the dungeoneer should take.

The usefulness of clue scrolls varied. The most fortunate teams could determine which two objects to take from a choice of three (e.g. Team 7 of Series 7, Level 3); the least fortunate were left with no unambiguous pointer (e.g. Team 7 of Series 5, Level 2). Various teams seemed to enter losing status by misunderstanding or not fully understanding a clue scroll (see: amber gambler, Brain Pills).

Some clue scrolls gave information on the dungeoneer's location.

Spell scrolls contained the name of a spell which the team acquired by reading it. Team 5 of Series 6 found a scroll with two spells, TRICK or TREAT, of which they could cast only one. Team 1 of Series 6 found a clue scroll that indirectly gave them a spell as well.

When the dungeoneer opened a scroll to read it, the text would appear on screen as a computer animated image that could be seen by the advisors in the antechamber and by the watchers. This was the case for all clue scrolls in Series 5-8, some spell scrolls in Series 5-8 and neither scroll in the YouTube Geek Week 2013 episode. The scroll graphic changed for Series 8.

As clue/spell scrolls could be transcribed or memorised, there was no need for dungeoneers to carry them. However, there were exceptions:

Team 4 of Series 6, who bought a spell scroll from Julius Scaramonger, took it with them and seemingly never opened it. Given Scaramonger's penchant for dishonesty, it's possible that the scroll was fake or that the unrevealed spell would not have been effective.

Team 7 of Series 6, who picked up a clue scroll on a causeway, pressed on to the exit and read the scroll in the next room. The scroll contained a password; a blocker arrived seconds later.
 [Related Image] On two occasions, a scroll graphic was seen only by the watchers. One was a CITV competition (see: Harris); the other, accompanying Series 6 Episode 14's closing monologue from Treguard, showed when Knightmare would be transmitted.

A variation on the latter scroll was used in a CITV advert for Knightmare.

 [Related Image]

A scroll thrice appeared as a clue object. Team 5 of Series 2 picked up a scroll: the oracle had advised them to "take the word but do not read it", suggesting it was to be delivered to someone. Team 3 of Series 6 picked up a scroll with a musical notes, later giving it to Ridolfo the troubadour. Team 4 of Series 6 treated a spell scroll as a clue object by apparently carrying it rather than reading it to acquire the spell.

Over 70 scrolls appeared in the 30 quests of Series 5-8 (though none appeared in the first two quests of Series 5). The most scrolls found by any team was five, by Team 3 of Series 5 (though this included two spell scrolls), Team 5 of Series 6 (also included two spell scrolls) and Team 7 of Series 7.

Below are the words from Knightmare's clue scrolls and spell scrolls in chronological order. There's also information on which teams found each scroll, whereabouts and what some of the scrolls referred to.
 [Related Image] Team 5 of Series 2
Unopened scroll (Level 2 clue room; document for Bumptious?)
 [Related Image] Team 3 of Series 5
One word is a lie
The other is
Truth (Level 1, blocker room - two possible passwords)

Take one step
Two steps right (Level 2 clue area)

PIXEL (Level 2, Merlin's chest)

The key to my
dungeon is the
jewel in my crown (Level 3 clue area)

GHOST (Level 3 clue room)

Team 4 of Series 5
Look ~
but not here (Level 1 clue area - spyglass)
 [Related Image] Rock breaks
Scissors (Level 2 clue area - Paper Rock Scissors causeway)

Give a Dog
a Bone (Level 3 clue area - sphinx bone for Hordriss)

Team 5 of Series 5
Buy aniseed
Don't open the box!! (Level 1 clue area)
 [Related Image] Another Name
for Hordriss? (Level 1, overlaid CITV competition - answer was Harris)

Team 6 of Series 5
The path of truth is
well lit Some weapons
belong to friends (Level 1 clue area)
 [Related Image] It may get you
out of a jam, if
you twig it? (Level 2 clue area - divining rod, jam jar)

The back door
is locked (Level 2)

Team 7 of Series 5
Knowing her name gives
you the power In a low
Place take the high road (Level 1, Crazed Heifer - Elita; exit up stairs in next room)

Fair Trade is
no Robbery (Level 2 clue area)

Team 8 of Series 5
First purchase
the Key Then
find the lock (Level 1 clue area)

Team 9 of Series 5
Place Spyglass
Before Eyeshield
and Hold Steady (Level 1 clue area)

She Wishes
for my Words (Level 2 clue area)

Team 1 of Series 6
To unfreeze, cry the
reverse of Epasce
To cross,
take the uneven path (Level 1 clue area, Holmgarth; ESCAPE spell)

She makes magic
He sees red (Level 2 clue area - Sidriss, Motley?)
 [Related Image] Team 2 of Series 6
Welcome to Witch~
Haven, Luck favours
the Ambler Gambler (Level 2 clue area - witch amber)

Team 3 of Series 6
Musical notes (Level 1 clue room - clue object)
 [Related Image] Give him a
Big Hand! (Level 2 clue area - gauntlet)

Abandon ship !
Women and
Children first ! (Level 3, Cloudwalker)
 [Related Image] Team 4 of Series 6
Sprinkle to defrost
Remember to be odd (Level 1 clue area)

Unopened: spell scroll to turn opponents' swords rusty (Julius Scaramonger, Level 2)

Team 5 of Series 6
Gold to the East,
Silver to the West (Level 1 clue area - Ah Wok, Julius Scaramonger)
 [Related Image] BACKFIRE (Level 2 clue room)

Sea journeys are healthy ~ Don't
forget the fare! (Level 3 clue area)

2, 3, ? ? ? (Level 3, Ariadne’s lair; part of Great Causeway code)

or TREAT? (Level 3, Mines of Gore)
 [Related Image] Team 6 of Series 6
caution! stand well clear
of all objects. Place on 3rd
finger of left hand. rotate
once. mind your head! (Level 1 clue area - Ring of Power)

No Right
Turn (Level 2 dwarf tunnels)
 [Related Image] It wears well, but only
in extremity. Handle
with care. Use once (Level 3 clue area - Hand of Atrab, not scarf)

Diploma - Great Causeway code (Hordriss' examination room; not earned)
 [Related Image] Team 7 of Series 6
The Acme Persuader
Tap on table top
to make new friends (Level 1 clue area)

PASSPORT (Level 1, causeway - password)

Dress the part ...
lose your head (Level 2 clue area - need for witch disguise)
 [Related Image] FALGO (Level 2 causeway - banishing a pooka)

Lords of the Game

Team 1 of Series 7
All that Glitters
is not always
Good Company (Level 1 clue area)

Two Beauties
are Better
than One (Level 2 clue area - arkenstone, Sidriss in a bottle)

One is a Weapon;
One is Payment (Level 3 clue area - Troll Wine, arkenstone)

Team 2 of Series 7
The Wand
of Confusion.
Guess Whose ? (Level 1 clue area - Wand of Confusion)
 [Related Image]
 [Related Image] Finders keepers,
holder Seekers
hidden Secrets (Level 2 clue room)
 [Related Image] Team 1 of Series 7
RESTORE (Level 1, Grimaldine's chest)

SIGHT (Level 2 clue area - seeing-eye spell)
 [Related Image] Juice for a
Goblin; Stone for
a hard heart (Level 3 clue area - Goblin Juice and Stonepower potions)

Team 4 of Series 7
Use this to
Buy Time (Level 1 clue area)

I Speak
Spoken To (Level 2 clue area - bookworm)

Team 5 of Series 7
Wipe Away
Ignorance and
Unlock Magic (Level 1 clue area - INSIGHT)
 [Related Image] Create
Darkness to
Find Light (Level 2 clue area)

Team 6 of Series 7
Newsflash! Romahna
captured by Raptor!
Dragon-girl doomed! (Level 1 clue area)

One for the road...
two for a friend. (Level 2 clue area)
 [Related Image] Welcome to Level 3
The wand is called
Shop carefully. (Level 3 clue area)

GROWME (Level 3 clue area)

Team 7 of Series 7
Go quickly upon
dark paths.
Seek weapons
and protection (Level 1 clue area - glow-light)

Sometimes one
has to put
one's foot down (Level 2 clue area)

SURPRISE! (Empty room, prior to Brollachan arrival)

1 Left, 5 Right,
6 Left, 1 Left,
4 Right. (Trial by Spikes)

Rock and Roll
hot and Slow ! (Level 3 clue area - Freezer and Fast Backwards potions)

Team 1 of Series 8
Green for a girl,
black for a boy. (Level 1 clue room - Stiletta's knife, pigeon droppings (poo))
 [Related Image] Team 2 of Series 8
The ACME self operating
danger horn, Mk 5
Do Not Blow. (Level 1 clue area - ACME self operating danger horn)

Humorous or
what ? That's
funny. Get the
Joke ? (Level 2 clue area - bone)

Welcome to Level 3.
This tower is
Linghorm. The
Sword lies in
Marblehead. (Level 3 clue area)

Team 3 of Series 8
Look out for
fire-balls! Reach
for RUNES. (Level 1 clue area - Reach for Runes)

Travel Light -
Fall slowly. (Level 2 clue area)

Team 4 of Series 8
Keep your eye
on the clock. (Level 1 clue area)

Warning !
Dangerous to those
who are not dim! (Level 2 clue area - Brain Pills)

Team 5 of Series 8
Music to wake
him. Fire to
feed him. (Level 1 clue area - horn and firestone for Smirkenorff)

A spanner
for the works. (Level 2 clue room)
 [Related Image] Team 6 of Series 8
The key to
Level 2. Her
blade is missing. (Level 1 clue area - Stiletta's knife)

Welcome to
Level 3
Be quick and be
quiet. (Level 3 clue room)
 [Related Image] Team 7 of Series 8
The book is for
browsing, The
stick is for
dowsing. (Level 1 clue area - divining rod)

She who would
be queen is your
only hope (Level 2 clue area - Power To Rule, Maldame)
 [Related Image] Knightmare VR
Clue object - taken but unread
 [Related Image] Geek Week
This is the spell IGNITE (Level 1 clue area)

Above the blades, below the feet. Timing is everything. (Level 2 clue area - Slice Me Dice Me)
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 [Related Image]

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