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1. Carreg Cennen Castle
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A 13th century castle built on a limestone crag near the village of Trapp in Carmarthenshire, at the western end of the Brecon Beacons National Park. On the south side is a sheer drop of 325 feet down to the River Cennen below. Carreg is Welsh for "stone".

Smirkenorff managed to con both silver and gold out of dungeoneers in Series 5, by picking them up at Carreg Cennen Castle, flying them round in a big circle, and landing them back at the same location! (Elita: "He knows where he's going, even if you don't!") Team 3, Team 6 and Team 9 were all taken on this pointless trip, with the Gatemaster apparently in on the prank as well: "He will fly you to the realm that you think of as Level 2." On this occasion the team were given a landing command and told to "look out for a castle, for there, there are elf portals and a way back onto your path".
 [Related Image] Smirkenorff waited for unsuspecting passengers just outside the castle walls on the eastern side.
 [Related Image] Taking off over the castle, which was in fact their final destination!
 [Related Image] Approaching the castle from the east once again.
 [Related Image] Pickle: "Let's hope it has a dragon pad, master."
 [Related Image] The Chapel Tower and North-East Tower can be seen from this angle.
 [Related Image] Smirkenorff landed Series 5 dungeoneers in the Outer Ward.
 [Related Image] The castle offers excellent views of the surrounding farmland.
 [Related Image] Kelly entered a portal in the Chapel Tower. (Kathryn of Team 1 used this same portal into Carreg Cennen Castle, despite having landed at Llansteffan Castle. To quote Pickle: "Strange parts, master, and just as you said, getting stranger!")
 [Related Image] Meanwhile, Sarah and Alex suddenly found themselves wandering around on the western side of the castle.
Pickle: "Not exactly the Last Homely House, master. Can't believe there'll be much of a welcome here."
 [Related Image] Peering over the precipitous cliff to the south.
Pickle: "Not the easiest of paths, master, is it?"
Treguard: "Very steep."
 [Related Image] These two teams found a freestanding portal between the limestone rocks.
 [Related Image] Team 2 and Team 6 of Series 6 were also dropped off at this castle, and Smirkenorff revealed his fondness for it: "I think you'll like this spot. It's one of my favourites."
 [Related Image] In Series 6 they approached from the western side, with the round North-West Tower and the tall Gatehouse of the Inner Ward visible on the left.
 [Related Image] From here you can see where Sarah and Alex's Eyeshield sequence was filmed.
 [Related Image] The end credits of Series 6 episode 5 featured Peggatty on her broomstick, flying over the Outer Ward and east away from the castle.

Carreg Cennen Castle is now in the care of Cadw and is open to the public. Click here to visit the website.

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