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1. Adventure Time
Long-running fanfic serial that appeared in almost every issue of The Eye Shield fanzine. When TES launched in December 1995, its editor Paul McIntosh revealed that, despite the programme having been axed by CITV, "adventures at Knightmare Castle are still going on". For watchers experiencing withdrawal from televised quests, Adventure Time was conceived as an interactive story that would continue to dream up "the latest goings on in the dungeon, with a typical suspense ending" in each issue. Fans were then encouraged to write in with suggestions for the next instalment: "You may decide to kill off the dungeoneer, or you may wish to whip up a glorious victory."

Three quests ran their course during the magazine's original run of nine issues. In addition to Paul's own ideas, they included offerings from half a dozen readers - Robert Nowlan (Issue 2), Ben "Pooka" Maydon and James Clarke (Issue 3), Jake Collins (Issue 8), and the most prolific contributors, Chris Griffin (Issues 3, 4, 5 & 6) and Tim Morris (Issues 3, 4, 5, 7 & 9), the latter of whom also provided illustrations. Treguard was joined in the antechamber by both Pickle and Majida, while the dungeon was populated by familiar faces such as Mildread, Motley, Hordriss, Fatilla, Elita and the recently returned Merlin and Mogdred, plus original character Queen Kalina, the self-styled "ruler of Level 1" who had taken over Mount Fear. Brangwen was joined by a "brand new wall monster" named Phelheim, and there were new challenges as well as old favourites like the Great Corridor of the Catacomb, bomb room, minecart ride, Block and Tackle, falling bridge and Corridor of Blades. Other threats included goblins and hobgoblins, cavernwights, skull ghosts, Khah the cobra, Medusa and the Automatum.

When Jake Collins resurrected TES as an electronic fanzine in 2001, he also took over as the sole author of Adventure Time, continuing the series from where it had left off almost four years earlier. He remained in charge of the story until the end of 2008, writing a total of 36 chapters. Morghanna, Owen and Smirkenorff joined the existing cast of characters, and dungeoneers also had to face the giant snake and scorpion, catacombites, a gargoyle, spectral weaponry, Blockers and the Dreadnort. Rooms and challenges from all eras of Knightmare were used, from the wall of Jericho, stained glass window room and Merlin’s throne room to the Descender, Causeways and Fireball Alley. The usual format took a break from Issues 26 to 33 when it was replaced by eight interactive quests in the style of Dave Morris' gamebooks, each one based on a different series of the show.

In 2009, Jake handed over the reins to Ross Thompson who contributed the final six chapters of the "fourteen-year quest season". Gumboil, Sylvester Hands and Brother Strange made their Adventure Time débuts, and the return of Lord Fear and Lissard began a story arc involving a power struggle between the various sorcerers. There were additional tests and hazards in the form of Ariadne, the monster’s stomach, a sleeping dragon, the Oracle of Confusion, the Spindizzy, Play Your Cards Right, a troll and Lord Fear's skeletrons. When this phase of the dungeon finally drew to a close, there had been 25 quests in total, with 18 deaths and 7 victories.

A second season of Adventure Time, subtitled 'Opposition Rising', began in 2010. Co-written by Andy Marshall, Ricky Temple and Louise Brockhouse, it featured no fewer than 20 original characters, several of whom had previously appeared on the Knightmare Roleplay Forum and in the authors' fanfic series 'The Fire & Ice Chronicles'. Malice, Skarkill, Snapper-Jack, assassins, white wolves, stormgeists and Miremen were also among the dangers in this final series, which visited such locations as Dungarth, the Tower of Time, Wolfenden, Winteria, Witch Haven and the Rift of Angar. Seven instalments were published, but it was absent from the last two issues of The Eye Shield due to unforeseen circumstances, so the third quest - to free Sidriss - remained unfinished.

Links to every chapter can be found at the Knightmare Fanfic Compendium:
I. Paul McIntosh et al. (1995-1997)
II. Jake Collins (2001-2004)
III. Jake Collins (2005-2008)
IV. Ross Thompson (2009)
V. Andy Marshall, Ricky Temple & Louise Brockhouse (2010-2011)

In August 2013, wall monster Phelheim made a surprise appearance in the second season of the Knightmare Audio Series, voiced by Jake Collins. It remains to be seen (or rather, heard) whether any other Adventure Time characters will find a new home there.

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