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1. scorpion
The scorpion in Series 1-3 became the inspiration for one Forum member's username when SpectralScorpion registered in May 2012. SpectralScorpion first saw Knightmare on Challenge, and further viewings of the episodes some time later fostered an affection for the scorpion 'because of the major design flaw in his room that must have annoyed the producers for the whole of Series 2'.

Provided By: David, 2012-06-01 16:37:34
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2. scorpion
 [Related Image] A giant scorpion served as a timing-based obstacle on Level 1 in Series 1-3: the dungeoneer had to evade the creature's hazardous flagellating sting while heading for the exit.
 [Related Image] Unnerving as it looked and sounded, the scorpion ended no quests.
 [Related Image] There is more on the scorpion in the Ariadne entry, since they both shared the status of giant arachnids.
A Giant Scorpion features in the first Knightmare gamebook. The player is given the option of either dashing past it or attempting to dodge its sting.

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Provided By: David, 2012-06-28 17:18:59
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