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1. rope
A twisted or braided length of fibres. In the world of Knightmare, rope was a clue object, a fashion accessory and a deadly weapon.
 [Related Image] Having watched dungeoneer Nicky from Team 3 of Series 4 pick up a rope from the Level 2 clue room, Mellisandre asked for it in the very next room, claiming she needed it to get back to Level 1 (suggesting that an upward climb was necessary). Although the maid offered nothing in return except to "watch the path" as Nicky exited, her team took the chivalrous option and gave Melly the rope. While the fate of this rope is unknown, a similar one was sometimes in evidence on prow of the Boatman's Dunswater ferry during Series 4.
 [Related Image] In the following series, Team 4 of Series 5 asked Brother Mace to prove his identity. Somewhat taken aback, the monk pointed out his "silly rope" - white, it formed a makeshift belt around his habit (and paunch) from his first appearance in Series 4 (see picture) - as a blatant indicator that he was who he claimed to be. Series 5 included further encounters with rope: as a Level 1 clue object, and as climbing apparatus in a room with Elita.

One series later, Sylvester Hands' attempt to tie up dungeoneer Matt of Team 1 of Series 6 was thwarted by a SAMURAI spell. Likewise, he bound dungeoneer Ben of Team 5 of Series 6 with his rope, but was thwarted by Sidriss. But dungeoneer January (of Team 4 of Series 6) was unable to escape her encounter with the Opposition vagrant. He threw his rope over her in order to capture her, thereby ending the series' fourth quest. No doubt buoyed by this rare moment of bloodthirsty success, Hands prepared to use the "magic rope" again in Series 7, in spite of it being his day off, to capture Ben of Team 5 of Series 7. The dungeoneer escaped on this occasion. The Surrounds incarnation of Hands has also wielded a rope, with mixed results.

Level 3 of Series 6's 5th quest was full of rope. It appeared on a clue table (the team did not pick it up), in a dwarf tunnel and on the Cloudwalker.

Richard Howse has noted that during the audio-only quest through which he was presented as part of his Knightmare audition, the option arose of taking a grappling hook with attached rope from a clue table. While this might have allowed his team to cross a river, the clue object they had chosen granted them the same success, and they went on to become Team 1 of Series 8.

More recently, a rope also featured as a clue object on multiple occasions during Knightmare RPG Season 2. Team 5 used it to reach a portal that was above ground level. Team 8 also took a rope from a clue room, but were unable to make use of it before their quest ended.

During the first Knightmare novella (Can You Beat The Challenge?), Treguard finds a rope in his bag, and it's used to trip up a glaschwight. Folly later puts a rope from his own knapsack to the same use.

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