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1. penguin
Flightless sea bird native to the Southern Hemisphere. The penguin has given its name to, among other things, a chocolate biscuit advertised with the slogan "P-p-pick up a Penguin". On Knightmare, Team 4 of Series 8 made an amusing reference to this while trying to remember "the name of the god down there beginning with P" to give to Snapper-Jack. The answer was Pluto, one of Greek mythology's deities of the Underworld.

The slogan has been parodied as a command to block a certain Series 3 clue room guardian: 'B-b-brick up a Brangwen'.

The Penguin bar may also raise a smile among certain Knightmare fans who attended a 2005 KM social event in Yorkshire. During this get-together, Mashibinbin (Robin John Barlow) shared Penguins which turned out to be comically beyond their best before date.

The 1993 Knightmare Teletext game To The Ice Palace Of Aesandre includes an ending where the player is defeated by Aesandre and turned into a penguin. Treguard makes a quip about fish dinners.

One of the themes in Knightmare Chat in 2005 was a penguin sanctuary.

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