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1. miretrog
 [Related Image] "That was a miretrog; it's a sort of troll - only bigger, squashier, and definitely nastier."

That rather brief comment by Treguard was our introduction to miretrogs as one chased Dunstan through Linghorm. That's right: Dunstan. Miretrogs, it seems, were almost added as an afterthought by the production team, as they only appeared in the final two quests of Series 8!

Despite being referred to as 'nastier' by Treguard, miretrogs never really seemed so, as they only followed Dunstan through tunnels and were never given the chance to have the sort of variety that trolls did. However, they were definitely squashier, as the graphic seemed to be deliberately reshaped as the miretrog walked!

However, the miretrogs' glory days were short-lived, as they only appeared in two episodes. Perhaps their finest moment, however, came when Lissard revealed to Lord Fear that he had blocked the sewers with a miretrog, so that if Oliver retrieved the Shield, he wouldn't be able to escape. As he never got the time to complete his quest, exactly how he would have got past it can only be speculation!

Because of their name, it is safe to assume that, like Miremen, miretrogs lived in the Great Mire. This may seem odd for a breed of troll, but then again, you can get river trolls, and mer-trolls, so why not mire trolls?

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