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1. glow-light
 [Related Image] Tautologous term used for a kind of torch which was featured in Series 7 as a clue object. Team 1 of Series 7, Team 2 of Series 7, Team 4 of Series 7 and Team 3 of Series 7 used them to light the way in dwarf tunnels, squeezing the stem to activate the light, with the latter team pointing their glow-light at a grayling to ward it off. Team 7 of Series 7 used one to light a very dark room, with partial success.

Team 5 of Series 7 left a glow-light behind on the Level 2 clue table, as did Team 6 of Series 7, who then left another behind on the Level 3 clue table.
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 [Related Image]

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