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A spell that was featured in a number of quests:
 [Related Image] Team 1 of Series 4 received this spell from Brother Mace, and used it to paralyse Ariadne, aiding their dungeoneer's escape from the giant spider's lair.
The earlier spell FREEZER had the same effect as FREEZE.
 [Related Image] Team 4 of Series 5 received FREEZE from Hordriss, and used it to encase Aesandre in ice, a thoroughly ignominious defeat for the snow queen.
FREEZE is also present in The Future King. It is possible for the player to find it on a spell scroll in the pavilion by Aesandre's Pool (though would a Winter Witch really need to have a freezing spell written down?), and use it later to ice over the Lake of Wisps.

A spell called FREEZE was offered to a team during RPG Season 1 (Session 3), though the team opted to take the spell WELL instead.

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In the 1991 Knightmare computer game from Mindscape, Freeze is a spell that genies can use to turn monsters to stone temporarily. A Destone spell can counteract it.

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