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1. destructor
Something that causes destruction, such as a refuse incinerator or explosive device. In Knightmare, destructors were magical objects that rapidly drained the life force of any dungeoneer who came into contact with them, and could also cause damage to the surrounding dungeon chamber.
 [Related Image] Team 3 of Series 2 found a gar-shaped talisman among their Level 2 clue objects. Treguard warned of "critical life force drain" when the dungeoneer picked it up, and he dropped it again "just in time". As there were only two safe items left on the table, it was impossible for the team to make a wrong choice.
 [Related Image] Team 10 of Series 2 picked up a mysterious bottle in Level 2, thinking it might contain either milk or poison. A cavern wraith was present, so they took the item to examine later.
 [Related Image] In the clue room, Treguard repeatedly urged them to investigate the bottle. Removing the stopper caused a destructor to be released, and the room began to flash with garish colours. Treguard failed to admit any responsibility for the incident, merely yelling at them to put the bottle down again and "Get him out quickly!" without taking any clue objects. Merlin later scolded them for the damage they'd done.
 [Related Image] A similar effect was seen when Team 11 of Series 3 tried lifting up an algiz-shaped talisman in the Level 3 clue room. Hearing from Treguard that his life force had been drained, dungeoneer Martin dropped the destructor and flapped his hand as if recovering from a burn.

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