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1. chicken
A non-vegetarian foodstuff that happens to be a bird.

Chicken was the inspiration for Knightmare's Life Force indicator - according to's History of Knightmare, the computer game Atic Atac 'had an on-screen life-force clock which indicated the health status of the player by representing the carcass of a chicken. If you got down to bare bones you died! [Tim Child] wanted something like it for Knightmare.'
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 [Related Image] Chicken also featured in various quests as a food for replenishing the Life Force. This picture shows (what is presumably) a chicken as encountered by Team 5 of Series 2 on Level 1. The inclusion of the plate and cutlery on this sole occasion was of unnecessary, since dungeoneers consumed food via the knapsack.
Brother Mace appeared to be eating chicken when encountered by Team 3 of Series 4, later using it to knock Brother Silence unconscious. Live chickens could be seen and heard in the Greenshades eyeshield sequence in Series 5.

When dungeoneer Martin from Team 11 of Series 3 was asked by Motley to tell him a joke, the one he chose was: "Why did the punk cross the road? Because he was stapled to the chicken." This is based, of course, on the joke "Why did the chicken cross the road? To get the other side" - which Team 7 of Series 4 told to Motley during their quest, earning a JOKE spell. Team 6 of Series 8 amused Smirkenorff with their own version of the joke. Various members of the Forum have also enjoyed making up variations upon the joke, with different KM characters giving their own versions of the punchline.

In Series 4, Motley described Dickon, who had just freed him from the pillory, as being "no chicken". A little earlier in his quest, Dickon had replenished his Life Force with a chicken.
 [Related Image] This picture shows the "chicken and a bracelet" found 5 quests previously on Level 3 by Team 1 of Series 4. In an interview with BBC Radio Norfolk in May 2014, advisor James Knox from that team revealed how their dungeoneer Helen had, while playing a practice room, exclaimed when she realised that the roast chicken was a plastic prop.

Other teams who helped themselves to a whole chicken included Team 13 of Series 2 in the Level 1 wellway room, Team 4 of Series 3 on Level 3 and Team 4 of Series 4 on Level 2.

In March 2019, Paul Flannery (Knightmare Live's Treguard and creator) posted an article in his 'Role Play Gourmet' series for Coaching for Geeks entitled 'Roast Chicken, Roasted Simply'.

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