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1. banana
 [Related Image] While Helen, the dungeoneer of Team 1 of Series 4, was still in the antechamber prior to embarking upon her quest, Treguard discovered that a banana had been secreted in the knapsack. Pickle was responsible; and as the picture shows, the Dungeon Master wasn't pleased at his maverick behaviour.
Helen would later gain a banana in the Level 2 clue room. Pickle's illicit banana (or another) made another appearance prior to the next quest i.e. Team 2 of Series 4: although Treguard checked the knapsack, the banana seemed to have been secreted under the Helmet of Justice.
 [Related Image] Team 3 of Series 5 gained sustenance from a banana in Level 1 of their quest. Team 10 of Series 3 found bananas in the Level 1 wellway room. The knapsack was untroubled by the skins.

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