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1. Weeping Door
Treguard's name for a type of character that appeared in Knightmare Series 4. Pickle referred to them as door monsters.

Each weeping door took the form of a raised drawbridge, on which crying faces would appear shortly after a dungeoneer approached, and ramble lamentingly. The doors were said to be spellbound creatures (prisoners with the function of gaolers), and could only be opened by truth, i.e. correct answers to questions. To enable this opportunity, the dungeoneer had to speak "the calling", of which Pickle would inform each team during their first weeping door encounter:

"True and false, false and true,
Open up and let us through."

Having acknowledged this (even if it had been recited inaccurately), the weeping door would ask three true-or-false questions. If, having done so, it had received the required (but unspecified) number of correct answers, it would declare plangently that "truth will out, and so will you"; the face would disappear; then the door would lower.

Every team succeeded in all of their weeping door challenges.

Each weeping door's name was a pun. Level 1's weeping door was named Dooris, Level 2's was named Doorkis, Level 3's was named Dooreen.

Weeping doors in Knightmare fanfiction include Doorian, Doorson (who had a creak) and Doora the Deplorer.

Other characters' reactions to the weeping doors point to a less enlightened attitude to mental health in 1990. Treguard describes Dooreen as a "manic depressive ... quickly deal with her before she depresses us all"; Motley wishes someone would give Doorkis a pill.

Although the weeping doors were an interesting concept, their formulaic nature made them seem repetitive and montonous to some watchers.

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