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1. Wales
The opening sequence of Knightmare Series 1-5 was created by animators based in the animation studio Siriol in Wales. The same studio made the original SuperTed cartoons in the 1980s. This connection was highlighted by Billy Allison, who shared original sketches via the forum in 2004.

Brangwen, one of the clue room guardians in Series 3, spoke with a Welsh accent (provided by Natasha Pope) and had a name related to Welsh mythology.

Owen, the dragon encountered by Team 11 of Series 3, evoked Wales in his name and his accent (as provided by Clifford Norgate).

Team 4 of Series 4 hailed from Swansea in Wales. After the team's demise owing to a directional error (see: Simon, sidestep to your left), Pickle remarked, "So much for Welsh wizardry."

Several places in Wales have been identified as Knightmare filming locations: Caerphilly Castle, Carreg Cennen Castle, Castell Coch, Kidwelly Castle, Llansteffan Castle and Llyn Brianne.

Knightmare Live shows have been performed in Wales.

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