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You know something? They didn't feature WELL a lot. It was a spell that was only used twice, in one series only, on Knightmare.
 [Related Image] Team 5 of Series 1 received WELL from Lillith who, ironically, was ill at the time. When dungeoneer Helen found herself in a room with no unblocked exits, the team tried casting WELL, prompting a unique warped version of the incidental spellcasting music. Treguard sardonically informed the team that "the WELL spell can only reveal a well, but cannot create one" - they'd taken a wrong turn, and weren't getting out of it alive.
 [Related Image] The following team used WELL successfully. It was gifted to them in the form of a riddle delivered by Folly: "When is a well not a well? ... When it's a spell." Team 6 of Series 1 realised what had happened, and spellcast WELL, causing a wellway to appear after a brief light show.
Additionally, the spell WELL was featured in RPG Season 1. It was successfully cast during Session 4 (having been given to the team by Olivia in the previous session), and its effect was the same as that seen on Knightmare.

Though not quite the same, Mildread once conjured up a wellway using the incantation "Wort and worms, make a spell, conjure up a deep dark well!" Mrs. Grimwold guided Team 2 of Series 3 through a different incantation to the same end.

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