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Not a reference to Geordi LaForge.

VISOR was yet another seeing-eye spell from Series 7 that gave the dungeoneer the temporary ability to see where he or she was. A fitting name, as when it was cast, the dungeoneer acquired a field of vision that matched the shape of the visor on the Helmet of Justice.

Having already used SIGHT in their quest, Team 3 of Series 7 received VISOR from Grimaldine, but it was not enough to enable them to complete Play Your Cards Right. On the other hand, Team 7 of Series 7, who were given VISOR by Greystagg, used it and succeeded with the same puzzle. [ITV Children's Classics YouTube clip]

Of all the names of spells of this variety (SIGHT, INSIGHT and LOOK being other examples), VISOR seems to illustrate their essence best: they make the dungeoneer an advisor. Whether going against the grain of Knightmare in this way (so much for "your friends must be your eyes...") is compensated for by the prettiness of the effect is a matter of opinion.

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