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A unique spell put to a unique use.
 [Related Image] When dungeoneer Akash (Team 6 of Series 2) convinced a troll that he (Akash) would taste horrible and should not be eaten, the grateful troll gave him a TRUTH spell. Later, in the Level 1 clue room - or, to quote Akash himself, the "ain't got a clue" room - the team cast the spell after Igneous the wall monster's first question, to which the team did not know the answer. The spell had the same effect as giving a wall monster the correct answer. The team could have done with another two TRUTH spells, as they failed to come up with the correct answer for Igneous' second and third riddles.

Because of the oddity of the TRUTH scenario, some Knightmare fans subscribe to the following rumour. Originally, the team's encounter with Igneous led to their death, due to a failure to correctly answer any of his questions. To give the team a second chance, the troll encounter was then filmed for insertion before the Igneous encounter, which was then refilmed with the team using their TRUTH spell to avoid a fatal score of 0. It should be noted that this is unconfirmed speculation.

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