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1. Stardust
 [Related Image] Team 4 of Series 3 picked up a labelled jar of this substance in the Level 3 clue room. (Not to be confused with the moondust used by Team 1 of Series 6.)

The team tried sprinkling the stardust in the stained glass window room to reveal which path was safe, but nothing happened. Unfortunately they had entered losing status by failing a gargoyle's riddle, and did not have the required spell [see SUN, DARK]. Dungeoneer Leo then fell to his death after choosing the wrong path.

Had his quest not ended at this point, it is unknown what the stardust would have been needed for. However, Leo had already completed many Level 3 challenges and collected all three parts of the Chalice - indeed, Treguard said he had "fallen at the last hurdle". It therefore seems plausible that he might have arrived at the final 'space' scene (as did the winning teams of Series 2) and thrown the stardust to make the quest object materialise. This theory is supported by Mogdred's earlier remarks, that the clue objects were useless and they could only win by casting his GLORY spell - surely a trick they would have had to recognise.

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