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1. Spindizzy
From TES issue 14 (March 2002)

Series 3/4. Level 1/2.
 [Related Image] One of the few shared aspects of series 3 and 4 is this giant spinning wheel. It spun a lot faster than the Mills of Doom of series 2 and 3, and took dungeoneers with it too. In series 4 it formed the main part of the Place of Choice. Dungeoneers would have to step onto it from one path, then step off onto the path featuring the quest object they wanted to redeem. Alistair nearly fell off it a couple of times, and both he and Nicola I made it wobble alarmingly as they stepped onto it, but there were few problems apart from this.
In series 3 the Spindizzy was the landing place in level two for most dungeoneers who fell from level one. There were five doors around, all leading into different parts of level two. There was usually a signpost as to the correct path - a quest object symbol above one of the doors - and it was the advisors' job to time the dungeoneer's jump so that they went through the right door. This required some careful timing, as jumping through a gap into the enveloping blackness would surely have brought an end to the quest. Only Scott - the poor soul - was directed through the wrong door. My suspicion is that he would have met a nasty end on level two (even earlier than he actually did) had his advisors not been able to solve an extra puzzle. It certainly was more difficult than it looked to alight in the right place, but no other team seemed to experience any major problem with it.
Difficulty: 5 A few nearly fell off.
Killer Instinct: 1 If you take the wrong path...
Gore Factor: 1 It depends what the level has in store.
Fairness: 5 Quite hard as a first challenge in level one.

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2. Spindizzy
Nearly 15 years after it was first seen on Knightmare, the revolving disc of Series 3 inspired the username choice of a Knightmare Discussion Forum member. SpinDizzy registered in June 2003, but waited 11 months before making their one and only post to date. Within it, SpinDizzy revealed that their 'favourite things are watching Lord Fear banter on about anything, and laughing at Treguards clever sarcasm'.

Provided By: David, 2007-02-28 12:54:32
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