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1. Slash
A sword belonging to Gundrada.

Confiscated by Hordriss (prior to Team 4 of Series 4's quest), to whom the name Slash suggested a thoroughly nasty and bloodthirsty, yet employable type of person. This picture shows part of Gundrada's attempts to recover Slash: unseen by Hordriss, she traced the letters of its name in the air, so that dungeoneer Simon's advisors could learn the name.
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Slash was also the answer to a CITV competition. Letters had appeared throughout Episode 8 of Series 4, spelling out 'NAME|HER|BLADE' (the answer was to be found in that episode). The competition was concluded via a guest CITV appearance by Gundrada herself, on Friday 26th October 1990.

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2. Slash
A term used to denote same-sex interactions of a romantic or sexual nature in fanfiction. It is derived from the punctuation mark commonly used when listing the subjects of such encounters (e.g. Kirk/Spock, widely considered to be the original slash combination in fanfiction). By extension, a fanfic containing slash is known as a slashfic.

The earliest known Knightmare slashfic, Summer Heat, featured Treguard and Lord Fear engaging in mutual voyeurism. It was written by Rachelesque in July 2003 ('the normal stories were boring. so i wrote some nice slashy goodness' - Forum) and is no longer online. Other Knightmare slashfics, involving the series' female characters, have been published on Archive of Our Own.

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