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 [Related Image] One of the innovations of Series 7 of Knightmare was the use of spells, potions and powders (i.e. audio-visual technology) to allow the dungeoneer to see. SIGHT was the first of these devices.
 [Related Image] The SIGHT spell was supplied to Team 1 of Series 7 by Fidjit. It was cast in a Level 1 stretch of dwarf tunnels when the team was led to believe that visibility was a problem. The spell enabled dungeoneer Simon to see the tunnel he was in, as if the visor of the new Helmet of Justice were raised, and dangers ahead.
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Team 3 of
Series 7

acquired SIGHT
from a spell
, and cast
it to aid the
completion of
Trial by Spikes.

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A potion from Series 8. Team 2 of Series 8 collected a Sight potion on Level 3, and later traded it with Honesty Bartram for a SHADE spell. It was hinted by Treguard that dungeoneer Daniel needed the Sight potion to survive the Corridor of Blades (though this is debatable, since no previous Knightmare team had required magical aid before taking on the CoB).

Team 3 of Series 8 made use of a Sight potion on Level 2. It allowed dungeoneer Nathan to see Play Your Cards Right.

A sight potion also featured in Knightmare's final quest. Team 7 of Series 8 took one from the clue table on Level 3, but the phase ended before an opportunity to use the potion had presented itself.

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