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1. Q
Q is the official name for the network service that runs Mythology, Forester's online IRC (Internet Relay Chat) service that hosts #Knightmare, also known as Knightmare Chat. Running a /whois command in Chat will reveal Q's identity, and attempting to change your handle to Q via /nick will be disallowed.

Q briefly appeared in the channel itself as a bot-like entity, but uniquely among the channel's bots, Q never said a word. It no longer appears as a bot, but continues to be present on the server - where I'm sure it is needed in order for the server to run.

For further information on the bots of Knightmare Chat, see Caei, Cypher, Jobe and Skeletron.

Provided By: Pooka, 2011-06-29 20:51:49
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