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1. Owen
When the unnamed dragon from Series 2 was seen again in Series 3, his 'voice' (now explained away by the dragon as telepathy, for his mouth didn't move when his voice was heard) and personality had changed. Less hostile than before, he had a Welsh accent, and accordingly identified himself using a Welsh name: Owen. It means 'young warrior'.

Owen's single appearance was in the quest of Team 11 of Series 3. He offered the team "dragon magic" if they could solve his riddle (a difficult question about types of beetles), but they gave an incorrect answer. Owen's response was: "If you're ignorant, then you've got to remain so. That's what I always say." Since we only heard from Owen once, we must take his word for that. Without the magic, the team was unable to repel Morghanna later on in Level 3.

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Owen was voiced by Clifford Norgate, who went on to voice Knightmare's next dragon, Smirkenorff.

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