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1. Nigel
 [Related Image] Did Knightmare have any contestants named Knigel... sorry, Nigel? Yes, one: an advisor to dungeoneer Danny on Team 4 of Series 1.

Additionally, the dungeoneer in fanfic Knightmare: Resurrection was called Nigel.

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2. Nigel
 [Related Image] One of Hordriss' most outlandish disguises, seen on Level 2 of Team 1 of Series 7's quest, was Nigel, a "famous racing tortoise" of considerable size. When dungeoneer Simon spoke to him about Sidriss, Hordriss realised that Nigel had "proved inadequate" as a disguise, and transformed back to his usual appearance.
If you're only making plans for Nigel, you might appreciate the following clips of him on the ITV Children's Classics YouTube channel: Clip 1, Clip 2

Hordriss' penchant for giant animal masquerade continued into the following series, when he took the form of a huge cat during the quest of Team 3 of Series 8.

In 2006, Knightmare fan Martin Harder brought Nigel renewed renown when an email of his was read out on ITV phone-in gameshow Quizmania by presenter Greg Scott. Martin explained on the Forum that 'the Email task was to tell a lie about yourself: Hi Greggles! Let it be known that I am in fact a tortoise... A racing tortoise... A FAMOUS racing tortoise called... Nigel.' The irony that Martin's surname contains the word 'hare' may have gone unnoticed at the time.

Nigel's name may have been a reference to famous racing driver Nigel Mansell.

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