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1. Marblehead
Marblehead is the name of a Discussion Forum member who registered in February 2009.

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Provided By: David, 2010-02-12 16:59:01
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2. Marblehead
New home for Lord Fear after the Black Tower of Goth
was crushed by a dead troll.Marblehead is a second castle which is property of Lord Fear used to own Linghorm too until a female wizard took up residence.
Lord Fear wasn't very pleased about it and always
tryed to make her move out! Lord Fear and Lissard
watch down on his henchmen by the video wall also
Marblehead has a installed security system which targets spyglass users and fires 50 watt fireball at
them.But unfortunately it hasn't claimed any lives.

Provided By: Eastb, 2004-12-11 21:47:17
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