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1. Lillith
From TES issue 12 (November 2001)
 [Related Image] Series 1/2. Level 1.
One of the major aspects of the original Knightmare, the sorceress Lillith appeared in six out of the eight episodes in series 1. The actress behind the red robes, yellow cloak and blue crown was Mary Miller. Escaping Lillith's domain was a level one challenge, and it needed to be completed successfully in order for the dungeoneer to survive. The domain itself was dominated by a large serpent's head, whose mouth was the exit. A pit stood between the dungeoneer and Lillith. If the dungeoneer had an object that Lillith wanted, she would summon her magic causeway so that they could pass through. (Lillith: "Rock to rock and stone to stone, span the pit and cross the zone.") She might also give them a spell, which would be needed to complete the level. If the dungeoneer had not taken the correct object, Lillith would take the ground from under their feet and they would plummet to their doom. (Lillith: "I have no time for those who bumble, so boulders crack and that ledge crumble.") She returned for series 2, but only met every other dungeoneer, as she shared them with Mildread, also played by Mary Miller. The distribution became somewhat uneven later in the series, leaving Lillith's series 2 total of dungeoneers encountered at five and Mildread's at eight. Anyway, that was the challenge in hand. Lillith herself had a distinctly sinister air about her. She always spoke dangerously calmly, making it quite clear that the sovereignty in this chamber was hers, not Treguard's. She clearly had complete power of life and death over the dungeoneers, often trying to trick them into crossing when there was no causeway. She was very aggressive to the advisors, and had no time for their "chitter-chatter". However, her manner was not unfriendly once she had been given an object she liked, for example a ruby, a bar of gold, a pearl necklace or a silken glove. Conversely, her manner was very unfriendly - outraged and derisory in fact - if she was not offered an appropriate object, and she immediately killed the hapless dungeoneer. Because of this ruthlessness, Lillith has three victims to her name, which is the highest total for any single Knightmare character. Those foolish dungeoneers were Mave from series 1, and Akash [SEE: Team 6 of Series 2] and Anthony [SEE: poison] from series 2.
Fear Factor: 6 A distinct aura of threat.
Killer Instinct: 8 The most of any character, though a fairly small proportion.
Humour Rating: 7 She liked to tease and laugh at dungeoneers.
Oscar Standard: 8 Very good - sinister and mocking.

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2. Lillith
Lillith69 posted on the network54 Knightmare Discussion Forum in 2002:

'Firstly,Knightmare is the best children's television programmme for ever and always. But has anyone else noticed the hostile way in which Lillith treats Tregard? My own personal opinion is that Lillith was a spurned lover of Tregard who, after fathering wallmonster children with Lillith, ran off with her best friend, Folly the Jester?! What does evryone else think? After all, Tregard is a very attractive man!'

A user named lillith69 joined the newer incarnation of the Knightmare Discussion Forum in January 2004, but retained an air of mystery by never posting. The account no longer exists. Grimaldine Grimwold once commented that there are 'so many cool usernames around. I still want to know what lillith69 has in mind. Surely there aren't 68 other lilliths around, all crumbling ledges, so I guess they might have something else in mind. ;)'

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