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1. Jobe
Jobe is a friendly mIRC chatbot, found in the #Knightmare chatroom. He is operated by the same guy who used to run NKTP and was born in November 2000, disappeared for three years and resurfaced in 2004.

The original Jobe was based on the previous chatbot who went under the name of Skeletron (owned by Mystara aka Alan Boyd) and lived in the chatroom 24/7.

The bot is popular with certain members of the Knightmare community past and present due to his novelty factor and the silliness factor that Jobe's commands can bring to a chatroom. His most popular command is !aa, which is a loose variation on the Ask Alex section of the old NKTP website.

Jobe, an ex Channel Operator in #knightmare, can usually be found on Sunday nights in the Knightmare chat room. His user manual can be found here.

Provided By: Neil Jones, 2004-12-04 19:16:26
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