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1. James Aukett
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A member of the Knightmare forum since February 2001, who has since played a hand in quite a few Knightmare-related projects.

In 2001, he devised "The Quest", a challenge loosely based on the gamebook sections of the Knightmare books. He has also provided scans for two Dick Whittington pantomines that featured Hugo Myatt in 2001 and 2002. Then in 2004, he wrote Knightmare: RESURRECTION, a fanfic tied in to mark 10 years since the end of Knightmare itself.

James has been very busy on the Knightmare Scene during 2007, having set up and established both the Knightmare Live Journal Community and the Knightmare MySpace page. He was also one of the three original winners of the Knightmare Forum's "Win an Enter Stranger T-shirt" competition (and can be seen wearing that T-shirt in the above photo).

However, he is probably best known for playing Gabriel in the Knightmare RPG (click here for interview - link now expired), where he can ofted be heard making the odd "Chebugi!", as well as his well-recognised catchphrase of "WHAAAATTTT????"

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Provided By: James Aukett, 2007-05-08 17:46:15
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