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1. Gwen
From the Welsh meaning "white", "fair-haired" or "blessed", Gwen was the calling name of the witch queen Greystagg. It was first revealed during a spyglass sequence, in which Lord Fear taunted her via his Pool of Veracity and warned against the retributive use of voodoo dolls:

Fear: "One twinge, and I shall summon you here and deal with you personally."
Greystagg: "Ha! But you know not my calling name."
Fear: "Well a little bird told me that if I were to say 'Gwen' three times, I should get a most welcome visitor."

She was less than pleased that he'd discovered this information, and was angrier still when Team 6 of Series 7 later used it to summon her, though she soon forgave this impertinence when they revealed that Lord Fear was trapped nearby. She then gifted them a RETURN spell which enabled them to complete their quest.

Greystagg's calling name was also used by Team 7 of Series 7 on their way to victory. As dungeoneer Barry Thorne shared her determination to stop Lord Fear, she allowed them to call her in times of trouble (and amusingly asked for Barry's calling name in return). They summoned her to disperse the forcefield surrounding a troll hammer that was needed to save Knightmare Castle.

Confusingly, the name Gwen is sometimes used on and the associated forum as a nickname for Gwendoline, the Greenwarden of Series 5.

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