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1. Gumboil
From TES issue 29 (September 2004)

Series 1/2. Level 1/2.

Edmund Dehn played the Dungeon guard with the large spot on one cheek. Gumboil could commonly be found guarding doors, wellways or bridges, and he was never prepared to let anyone pass readily. Like most Dungeon guards, however, he could often be won over by a bar of gold, tricked or incapacitated with magic, or satiated with a password. However, failing any of these options, Gumboil was always prepared to use his large two-handed sword to dispatch any intruders. Luckily for the dungeoneers, however, he never managed to bag himself a victim.

Gumboil suffered from a serious alcohol problem, the result of which was that the knight made his last two appearances on Knightmare whilst drunk. These scenes include the now famous incident involving Folly's Sorcerer's Stone trick during Julian's quest, and a later altercation with Casper the key and dungeoneer Steven. The scene with Julian, Folly and Gumboil is undoubtedly Gumboil's longest ever appearance on the show, and the one for which he is perhaps best remembered. As we all know, Folly managed to convince Gumboil that he had been given a valuable magic object that was completely invisible to all but the cleverest people. Well, the old ones are always the best, aren't they?

Other memorable Gumboil scenes include his very unsuccessful battle with Cedric in level two during Mark's series 2 quest, and the knight's outrage when dungeoneer Danny used magic against him twice within three rooms during series 1. Having used a spell from Lillith to make Gumboil itch uncontrollably, Danny soon used another spell from Cedric to knock him out. Scenes such as these really did set Gumboil up as something of a joke character; he was not a very effective guard, anyway. However, he would certainly have killed if the team had not been equipped to deal with him.

Fear Factor: 3 He was mostly too much of a joke to be scary.
Killer Instinct: 2 He would have killed under the right circumstances.
Humour Rating: 5 Up for a laugh when intoxicated.
Oscar Standard: 7 Hammed up very nicely.

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2. Gumboil
Another to add to the list of Knightmare character names adopted by Forum users. Gumboil, who registered in April 2005 and was deleted by Mystara in 2009, did not make any posts.

The name was used again when 'Gumboil the handsome' joined the forum in April 2011, first posting in the same month.

[Earlier version: 2007-02-14 19:54:10]

Provided By: David, 2011-05-08 21:42:39
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