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1. Grimwold
Mr. Grimwold was Knightmare's first ever ogre, played masterfully by Bryan McNerney. He was the husband of Mrs. Grimwold in Series 3, and the father of Young Grimwold (seen in Series 6). As an ogre, he was violently tempered and deadly, but could be calmed down by Mellisandre, whom he liked.

For more information on Grimwold's exploits, see the entry on Ogres.

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2. Grimwold
The password needed by Team 6 of Series 6 to pass the Dreadnort on Level 1. Elita had given them the clue that the password was the name of Julius Scaramonger's assistant (SEE: Young Grimwold), and the team successfully recalled this information. They gave the word to the Dreadnort and proceeded safely towards the next level.

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