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 [Related Image] A spell given to Team 11 of Series 3 by Motley, who wished them "happy hauntings".

Encountering a haunting in the Scarab Room, the team seemed to consider using the spell until Treguard discouraged them, warning them against wasting it.

The team cast GHOST when a moving wall blocked all exits from the Great Corridor of the Catacomb, where dungeoneer Martin was, turning him into a small ghost (although he retained the Helmet of Justice). Martin was then able to leave the corridor by floating through the wall, and subsequently to scare away the armour-clad Behemoth guarding the wellway into Level 2, before Martin was restored to his original form. This is perhaps the only example of a quest spell serving more than one purpose.

GHOST was dispelled as TSOHG; Martin was informed that he was "mo more a ghost".

Team 3 of Series 5 acquired GHOST from a spell scroll on Level 3, but their quest ended before they could cast it.

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