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1. Festus
Pet belonging to Mrs. Grimwold. An inhabitant of Level 1 in Series 3 of Knightmare. Heard snarling off-screen, and presumed to be a canine, though never seen. Festus had five tails, and used to have three heads, until Grimwold bit one of them off. It was sometimes necessary for a dungeoneer to appease Festus, in order to gain access to the wellway into Level 2. For example, Team 2 of Series 3 had a bone that was given to Festus. Festus was presumed to be bloodthirsty and dangerous, but could usually be subdued (i.e. made to shut up) by Mrs. Grimwold. However, she was struggling so much during the quest of Team 12 of Series 3 that some fans believe that Festus devoured her, explaining her absence from further episodes of Knightmare. Perhaps the closest a dungeoneer came to victory of Festus was when Kelly from Team 7 of Series 3 was transformed into the intimidating form of the Dungeon Behemoth.

Festus was arguably based on Cerberus, the multi-headed guard dog of the Underworld in Greek mythology. Perhaps the name is meant to evoke the word 'festers' (or Faustus, the character from The Tragical History Of Doctor Faustus with dark and hellish connections). Hugo Myatt revealed during an interview in The Quest (Volume 2, Number 2) that Festus was his favourite character. Tom Karol, who interpreted Festus' actions in his role as Mrs. Grimwold, revealing during an interview by James Aukett in 2012 that Festus' appearance 'was very much left to mine and the viewers' imagination. I saw him as a great big wolfhound actually, it was a bit like 'Er Indoors in [the TV series] Minder – we never saw 'Er Indoors did we, so we never saw Festus.'

Information on Festus' Knightmare RPG incarnation is available in the Festus (RPG) entry.

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2. Festus
The username of a member of the Knightmare Discussion Forum who was active there during July and August of 2003. Festus' posts included personification of the Knightmare character of the same name, complemented in particular by the roleplaying element of Grimaldine Grimwold's posts.

A previous forum user had also named himself after Festus. Mr_Festus, real name Andrew, joined the Discussion Forum in March 2003. He was quick to praise ('so glad to see such a brilliant webite, I genuinly [sic] mean that, it is fantastic'), and keen for Hugo Myatt to reprise his role as Treguard in Knightmare VR ('Hugo must return! :) It really is a fantastic character he plays'). In several posts, Mr_Festus also discussed Family Guy ('I think Knightmare and Family Guy are my fav programmes ever.... I think anyway! lol yeah probably!'). After posting up to and during August 2003, Mr_Festus did not make another post until March 2004, and has not posted since. His website, Frontierland Remembered (link expired), is devoted to the former theme park of the title.

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