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1. Eric
The name of Knightmare's catacombite as used by the production crew. It was revealed in the 15/12/1988 issue of TV Times in an article titled 'Special Effects: Where the computer is king'. The article explains the process by which the creature would 'seemingly turn his head towards the new arrival'. This involves 'a clay model which was photographed a frame at a time'. Next, 'the experts convert the image into picture cells which make up your TV screen and these are fed into the computer's memory enabling the Eric it reproduces on screen to respond instantly to any move the player might make'.

Although the article refers to Eric as a skeleton, a picture of the catacombite is used. Knightmare creator and producer Tim Child is quoted in the article, suggesting he is the source of all its Knightmare facts.

Eric was never named on screen and the Dungeon Master seemed not to know it. It is unfortunate that Eric had no access to facilities for printing business cards. The creatures of the Knightmare dungeon were sometimes given human names by the characters, as illustrated by Mellisandre's reference to Rodney the giant maggot in Series 3.

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