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1. Dreadnaught
Dreadnaughts, or Dreadnoughts as they are alternatively spelled, were technomagical creations of Lord Fear, arguably the most advanced pieces of machinery in the Dungeon. Their function was to collect passwords.

Although the end credits refer to the character as "Dreadnort", there appear to have been more than one of these - throughout Series 6 in which they appeared, we had quotes such as "...this is a Dreadnaught, master!" (Pickle) and "...this is Lord Fear's mechanical guard, or one of them, anyway..." (Treguard).

I assume, rather blindly perhaps, that Fear did indeed construct more than one Dreadnaught, and they they are loose throughout the Dungeon during the series, but the one who actually met the Dungeoneers was named Dreadnort.

Provided By: Pooka, 2006-05-08 21:09:37
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