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1. Doorkis
 [Related Image] Doorkis was one of the trilogy of Weeping Doors in Season 4 alongside Dooris and Dooreen. Doorkis was the Level 2 guard.

Doorkis would ask three questions, all answers being either True or False.

Team 2, Season 4 had the ceiling come down on them as they escaped the chamber, hardly fair as they did pass the room successfully! Luckily they survived.
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Doorkis was voiced by Michael Cule in its one season long appearence in the Knightmare Dungeon.

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2. Doorkis
Doorkis was used as a screen name by a member of the Knightmare Discussion Forum, real name Alex, who joined and posted a little during June 2003. His use of smilies meant that he was unlikely to be mistaken for the joyless Weeping Door after whom he was named.

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