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1. Dooreen
In The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Marvin hated the talking doors on the Heart Of Gold. I reckon he would have much preferred Dooreen.
 [Related Image] Appearing in Series 4, Dooreen was the Level 3 counterpart of Weeping Doors Dooris and Doorkis (who were located on Levels 1 and 2 respectively). Like them, Dooreen was a spellbound drawbridge who rambled lugubriously and pessimistically ("Abandon 'ope... I see evil portents... tomorrow will be as bad as today!") and could only be opened by correct answers to true or false questions.

The only team to encounter Dooreen was Team 6 of Series 4. After receiving correct answers to all three of her questions, Dooreen lowered herself and allowed the dungeoneer (Dickon) to proceed.

Dooreen was never individually credited, and is thought to have been played either by Zoe Loftin (Dooris, Mellisandre) or Samantha Perkins (Gundrada, Malice).

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