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1. Derek
 [Related Image] A name shared by two advisors. The first was a member of Team 8 of Series 3.
 [Related Image] The second was in the rather more successful Team 7 of Series 7. His dungeoneer, Barry Thorne, was also his older brother. In Issue 3-2 of The Quest, Barry advised future dungeoneers to 'never forgive your younger brother if he tells you to walk right into the path of an oncoming buzzsaw blade.' He also wrote that 'people ask us what we'll do next. Well, we considered putting Derek on Blind Date but he's not too keen on the idea. I don't suppose Lord Fear or Treguard will need a 16 year old assistant next series?' In December 2002, Barry told the Forum that Derek was possibly 'using his [frightknight trophy] as a hatstand' and was 'a lot bigger now, bigger than me in fact, and his voice is considerably deeper, unsurprisingly'.

In May 2015, Derek tweeted Knightmare Live: 'Evening - this is Derek here, brother of BARRY - enjoyed your show greatly yesterday! You did it justice...'

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