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1. Confuser
Epithet of Hordriss: part of the name the Druids called him, according to Treguard in Series 3. Perhaps a parody of 'Edward the Confessor'. It was appropriate, given Hordriss' neutrality and unpredictability in his early appearances.
 [Related Image] By Series 7, Hordriss had made the name his own, introducing himself to dungeoneer Julie (Team 6 of Series 7) as Hordriss the Confuser. However, this may not have been the most reassuring name for him to use while teaching in the Academy of Magic.

Sidriss, as daughter of Hordriss the Confuser and as a less capable user of magic, was known as Sidriss the Confused.

Hordriss' name also inspired 'Corbiss the Bemuser', the political satires posted on the Forum from 2015.

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