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1. ChuckleVision
Astonishingly long running children's programme, based on the adventures of brothers Paul and Barry Chuckle, actually real life brothers (though their surname isn't Chuckle, it's Elliot). The programme started on the 26th September, 1987, 19 days after Knightmare.

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Series 12, Episode 9 was titled 'Out for the Count', and was first broadcast on BBC One on the 16th February, 2000. This featured none other than Hugo Myatt as the master of a castle (sound familiar?), who is pictured here standing behind Paul and Barry.

The episode featured lines from the brothers that seemingly hint back to his days as Treguard: "We're strangers here" (Paul), "I think I'm in a (K)nightmare" (Barry) and "Keep the Opposition awake all night" (Paul).

Along with many other episodes, it's often been repeated on either BBC One or the CBBC Channel and may be found on YouTube. You can also see the page here, which features a short description of the episode, and a selection of clips: two audio clips and one video, taken from a 25th July 2004 repeat showing.

Billy Hicks, a fan of both shows, went as far to write a crossover fanfic in July 2004 titled Knighty Knight Mare. This features the brothers turning up at Knightmare Castle with the usual hilarious consequences.

(Originally posted on 2005-10-06 16:14:07)

[Lexicon Moderator's note: ChuckleVision's last episode was broadcast on 18th December 2009.]

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